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Tungsten Alloy Parts

  • Tungsten Nozzles

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    Tungsten Nozzles

    We are a military MIM factory with license. As to MIM, besides iron, stainless steel and steel, tungsten alloy is another wide used material. Surface treatment is one important section for metal injection molding. There are several common surface treatment processes.Read More

  • Tungsten Alloy Cutter Parts

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    Tungsten Alloy Cutter Parts

    Tungsten and tungsten alloys have been widely used in many fields, such as aerospace, military equipment, electronics and chemical industry, for their high density, high strength, low thermal expansion coefficient, corrosion resistance and good mechanical processing.Read More

  • Army Tungsten Alloy Components

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    Army Tungsten Alloy Components

    MIM weapon tungsten alloy components With military weapon license is our superiority. Tungsten alloy is important material for military weapons. Besides, tungsten alloy is widely used in other industries like electronics.Read More

We are professional tungsten alloy parts suppliers in China, providing customized MIM and PIM products by MIM processing and metal injection moulding. Be free to buy high quality MIM tungsten alloy parts from our factory. Also, quotation is available.
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