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Metal Tooling

Metal Tooling

This item pneumatic tools SUS 420 cylinder clamping jaw is also made by high quality material SUS420 and MIM process. After some process testing, MIM piston rod accuracy would reach +0.05mm.


Material:  This item pneumatic tools SUS 420 cylinder clamping jaw is also made by high quality material SUS420 and MIM process. After some process testing,  MIM piston rod accuracy would reach +0.05mm. The two key assembly dimension tolerance would promise 0.02mm and +0.05+0.10 mm. The biggest advantage of this air tools spare parts is high-precison, high wearable. You only just send us order and don not make new mould, we could provide you finished items because we have our own professional knowledge and abundant experience. Also the item clamping jaw have 40-45HRC hardness to promise the abrasive resistance.


Surface treatment: vibrate grinding+shot blasting. For this MIM item, the surface is the most important because they are all exposed. Any rusty and irregularity cannot be allowed.


We are here trying to introduce the first process outcome-blanks.

Although the strength of the blank before degreasing is far lower than the strength of the metal parts after sintering, it can be also processed and trimmed.

The processing technology of the addition and subtraction materials can be implemented to change the size and shape of the blank. It can remove materials by the processes such as gate removal, parting line treatment, drilling, chamfering and so on before degreasing.

Because the blank is soft, it wears little to the cutting tool. The strength of the blank is weak, and it is easy to be damaged so it requires higher cutting speed and low feed to meet the final machining precision.

The traditional assembly process is to connect the sintered parts, and it is feasible to combine the blank parts before degreasing. As to the assembling technology, there are three ways. First is using the forming blank as the insert to do the second injection molding; Second is the multi component material to compound molding; Third is to assemble the single injection billet into one body before degreasing.

This technology can simplify the die structure and reduce the mold cost. Also, it can form parts with more complex shapes which are difficult to process by traditional technology. Further more, it can make composite parts which require different performance and function or save valuable raw materials.


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