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Metal Powder Injection Molding Technology Technology Application Field
Dec 20, 2018

1. Computer and its auxiliary facilities: such as printer parts, magnetic core, striker pin, drive parts;

2. Tools: such as drill bits, cutter heads, nozzles, gun drills, spiral milling cutters, punches, sleeves, wrenches, electric tools, hand tools, etc.;

3. Household appliances: such as watch cases, bracelets, electric toothbrushes, scissors, fans, golf clubs, jewelry chain rings, ballpoint pen clamps, cutting tool bits and other components;

4. Parts for medical machinery: such as orthopedic frames, scissors, tweezers;

5. Military parts: missile tails, gun parts, warheads, hoods, and credit parts;

6. Electrical parts: electronic packaging, micro motors, electronic parts, sensor parts;

7. Mechanical parts: such as loose cotton machine, textile machine, crimping machine, office machinery, etc.;

8. Automotive marine parts: such as clutch inner ring, fork sleeve, distributor sleeve, valve guide, synchronization hub, airbag parts, etc.

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