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Metal Powder Injection Molding Technology Performance And Cost
Dec 20, 2018

The MIM process uses micron-sized fine powder, which not only accelerates the sintering shrinkage, but also helps to improve the mechanical properties of the material, prolong the fatigue life of the material, and improve the resistance, stress corrosion resistance and magnetic properties. The basic properties of some MIM materials are listed in Table 1. Material density g/cm3 hardness tensile strength MPa bending strength MPa elongation % coercivity (A/cm) iron-based alloy 98Fe2Ni7.4187HRB552----5.5----92Fe8Ni7.5088HRB560----8--- -95.5Fe2NiCu0.5Mo7.4099HRB682----3.3----Stainless steel 3047.4242HRB520----20----3167.6042HRB520----20----Carbide YG614.60----- ---1460----173YG814.50--------1680----124YT1510.45--------1140----117 tungsten alloy 90% W17.90320HV30920-- --6----93%W18.30310HV30900----10----97%W18.50350HV30880----6----.

Note: * This data is a relative density MIM process cost analysis for ultra-hard, too brittle difficult to cut materials or geometric shapes, segregation or contamination of the material during casting, the use of MIM process can significantly save costs. For example, in the case of a typewriter printing component guide rod, it is usually required to have 14 passes to the upper process; and the MIM process requires only 6 processes, which can save about half of the cost. As the ratio of material cost/manufacturing cost increases, the potential cost is more likely to decrease. Therefore, the smaller and more complex the parts, the better the economic benefits will be. From the above analysis, it can be seen that the potential of MIM molding is very large.

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