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Counter-terrorism Powerful Weapon
Jan 18, 2019

Introduce a spray rejector system developed and produced by Shandong No2 Machinery Co., Ltd. It can be widely used in illegal gatherings, gathering people to disturb social order, gathering people to impact state organs, gathering people to disturb public places and traffic order and other illegal scene. It has become an important choice for the army, public security, armed police and many other departments to deal with emergencies.


                                             Advantages and characteristics of products


(1) The product have compact and tight structure, light weight, similar shape to normal weapons, and has obvious deterrent effect in wearing and using.


(2) The working distance of the product can reach 8 meters, which greatly improves the working distance of the traditional jet products and greatly increases the safety of the users.


(3) Injecting liquid can instantly make the target personnel lose their resistance ability and cause no disability or fatal injury to the human body.


(4) The product is equipped with mechanical sight and collimation equipment, which are suitable for all-weather tasks, especially laser aiming devices, which can achieve rapid aiming at night and under poor light conditions, and can produce psychological deterrence to the target person.


(5) Compared with the previous jet products, the product has stronger resistance to weather and target concentration.


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