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What is MIM?
Jan 23, 2019

What is MIM?
The full name of MIM is metal injection molding. It is a molding method, which injects the metal powder and plasticizing mixture of binder into the mold.
Firstly, we mix the metal powder with plastic binder. Then, granulate the mixture and inject it into the mold. The mixture get the feature of polymer, which are viscidity and flow. It is helpful for molding, mold filling and the homogeneity of powder packing. Then, sinter the defatted blank. Some of the sintering products need densifying treatment, heat treatment and machining treatment. Sintering products not only have the complex shape and high precision as the products made by plastic injection molding, but also have the physical, chemical and mechanical property as forge piece.
This technology is suitable for mass volume production to make small size, precise, complicated 3D-shaped metal parts which also require special performance.

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