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The facts that influence MIM’s development
Jan 24, 2019

The facts that influence MIM’s development


As a new machining technology, MIM’s development is influenced by several facts which decide the prospect, speed and trend of this technology. If these facts can be well researched, MIM will make a great step. Otherwise, it will be blocked.


MIM material includes metal powder and binders. Simply, we mix the two materials according to a proper rate, in a proper order, under high temperature and shear forces, so as to get a well-distributed structure combined material, then, pelleted by the granulator. Because of the binders, the material after pelleted have good fluidity, and can be fully filled into the molds. After forming, degreasing the binders from the blanks and sinter them, so to have the final products.

Since 1970s, after 40years development, MIM achieved a great progress. Also, some defects and weak-points expose out which block MIM’s further step.

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