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Automotive parts development trend
Dec 20, 2018

The first is that foreign-funded parts companies have accelerated their entry into China.

With the development of China's automobile industry, many foreign parts companies have accelerated their investment in China. For example, the world's leading component system supplier, the German Bosch chassis system, has settled in Chengdu.

The second is that new energy auto parts will become investment hotspots.

China has already included new energy vehicles in strategic emerging industries. Under this situation, the actions of establishing new energy vehicles and key component industry bases across the country have been fully launched. In the future, investment in domestic new energy vehicles and key components will be Keep on increasing.

The third is mergers and acquisitions, and overseas mergers and acquisitions will gradually accelerate.

The intensified price war in the vehicle market is also eroding the profit margin of the parts industry, and the requirements for OEMs to reduce costs and ensure profits are becoming more and more demanding. However, although the scale of output value of China's auto parts industry is large but it does not play a scale effect, the integration and restructuring of the auto parts industry is imperative. It is foreseeable that China's auto parts industry will enter the stage of accelerated integration in the next few years. On the one hand, it can achieve scale effect through horizontal and vertical integration between domestic enterprises; on the other hand, through overseas mergers and acquisitions to achieve production, market and other resources in the world. Optimized configuration of the range and gained advanced technology and management experience.

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