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Adjustment in MIM parts process
Jan 17, 2019

Adjustment of process in production process is a necessary way to improve product quality and output colume volume. Because the injection cycle itself is very short, if the process conditions are not well mastered, there will be endless waste products. 

When adjusting the process, it is best to change only one condition at a time and observe it several times. If the pressure, temperature and time are adjusted in a unified way,  easy to cause confusion and misunderstanding, and if something goes wrong, we don't know what the reason is. 

There are many ways to adjust the process. For example, there are more than ten possible solutions to the problem of unsatisfactory product annotation. Only by choosing one or two main solutions to the problem can we really solve the problem.

 In addition, attention should be paid to the dialectical relationship in the solution. For example: the products have dents, sometimes to increase the material temperature, sometimes to reduce the material temperature; sometimes to increase the amount of material, sometimes to reduce the amount of material. It is necessary to recognize the feasibility of solving the problem by adverse measures.

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