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Hand Tools MIM Sliding Block Box

Hand Tools MIM Sliding Block Box

Material: Fe2Ni0.5Mo
Density: ≥ 7.55g/cm3
Hardness: ≥220HV10

MIM common materials:


Alloy components

Low alloy steel




Fe-8Ni, SAE 4650

Stainless steel

316L, 430L, 440C,

440C-HY, 17-4PH,

17-4PH-HT, HK30,

SUS420J2, SUS310

Hard alloy


Low expansion alloy

Kovar, Invar

Tool steel

M2, 42CrMo4

Heavy alloy





Wax-based adhesive

Plastic-based adhesive

1) Mixing temperature is lower than 120 ℃. Mixing time is shorter;

2) Sealed mixing. Airtight design to   reduce paraffin heating loss;

3) Can be used for plastic mixing   equipment, but the shear force should be according to temperature control.

1) Mixing temperature is greater than 150 ℃. A long time refining;

2) Using open mixing kneading;

3) Can not be used by wax-based mixing mixer. Less shear stress;

4) Special powder mixture need to be   added with nitrogen protection;

5) High shear force can be fully softened plastic base material.

Wax-based adhesive is based on paraffin. Viscosity is small, easy volatile and mixing, but need to pay attention to the temperature that should not be too high (less than 120 ℃). With air tight design to reduce evaporation losses.


Plastic base adhesive to POM-based, high viscosity, less volatility; need to use a large shear mixer, and the temperature should be set higher (more than 150 ℃) to reduce the viscosity of the adhesive. Due to the high temperature, and its open type, in order to prevent some special metal powder oxidized, special circumstances need to use nitrogen protection.


MIM technology can make various kinds of metal parts. If your part is made of stainless steel, steel, iron and the shape is complex, MIM is the best choice. If you want to make metal components by MIM, you need to send us the parts drawings, including PDF and 3D files in which, we can see the shape, sizes, tolerance and other requirements such as surface treatment, hardness(HRC). Also, we need to know the quantity for the part. Because to make MIM items, the mold is important. To make a mold is around 3000--5500USD that based on the shape, so if the customer have several parts to produce, we suggest to put them in one mold to save cost.





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